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What Do You Want To Feel Better About?

Use Your Insurance

In-network with most major insurance plans including HSA, FSA, EAP, and Medicare.

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*Coverage is subject to a beneficiary's specific health plan.

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ATNC provides a warm nurturing accepting and empowering environment for all.

In therapy, we will work to understand and change the patterns that are blocking you from having good relationships, handling new challenges, and living your best life. 

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Step Into Your Highest Self

All Things New Clinical Services

How it works

Choose your therapist

Connect with the right person who you feel most comfortable with.

Start Your Therapy

Meet with your therapist online, or in person, through your ATNC account.

Track Your Progress

Record how you're feeling with check-in questions from your therapist and view your therapy journey online.


What We Specialize In

" You Are Worth It"

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