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Social Justice


When it comes to promoting and supporting anti-hate, anti-racism, and social justice for all people, All Things New Clinical Services is unwavering in its dedication. Power, privilege, and oppression are major concerns for Demarest Crawl, the firm's owner, and everyone who works for or with the company. We understand that issues of equity in terms of protection, health, and wellbeing fall squarely within our expertise. It is our mission to help individuals and families navigate the myriad of emotions associated with making decisions about their life, their aspirations, and their current situations.


We also recognize that racism can be unconscious or accidental, and that merely pointing out racism as a problem is not proof that the actors had any ill intent. As a group dedicated to combating racism, we promise to actively seek out, address, and confront the ways in which race and ethnicity affect our customers, our communities, and our society as a whole.


We do this in accordance with feminist and multicultural concepts summed up by bell hooks, Goodman et al. (2004) and the DEIPAR framework (Diversity, Equity, Intersectionality, Power analysis, and Anti-Racism) framework by Dyer (2020).

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These tenets are as follows:

1. Constant introspection, with special attention paid to issues of power and the implicit assumptions and beliefs that inform one's choices and choices' consequences.

2. Sharing power, which includes being open about power dynamics, using collaborative approaches when they make sense, and giving voice to those who are traditionally marginalized.

3. Amplifying and responding to the views and experiences of oppressed groups and individuals.

4. Raise awareness by paying attention to how political, societal, institutional, interpersonal, and other contextual power dynamics may affect individual or group challenges.

5. Encouraging people to play to their abilities and use those strengths to overcome obstacles and create positive social change.

6. Developing tools that are informed by the needs and experiences of the constituent communities to encourage self-determination among the people the company works with and serves.


Our collective responsibility for putting into practice our dedication to diversity and social justice in our professional work is shaped by this vision and these principles.

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